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Red Rocks


C. Lowe

Hot molten lava clashes with sky
Fingers work the clay as if to stay
For millions of years and dates
As you and I work to recreate
The simple songs that ring of fate
Pound the rock and grainy sand
Into our visions of rock and land
Gently dash the view in Red
Resurrecting the spirits of the dead
The Vortex shines in God's own light
While our earthly souls reunite
So we hike the hills and steps
Of that fair mountain that bets
That we will lie in bed and forget
And the world will let us regret
Of the found love in the moonset
So we lay and view our Jesus stars
Wondering how we can go this far
Now, I speak to you in silent tongues
While you swing from life's rungs
Never making the final decision
That will lead to your life's revision
Now we move to this site
And we no longer fight
For the color Red is right
As the spirits light
Another Red Rock night







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