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George Bernard Shaw

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-1925 , OSCAR-1938 for his work on the film Pygmalion adapted from his play of the same name. He is the only person to have been awarded an OSCAR and the Nobel Prize.

Born: 26/07/1856 in Dublin, Ireland

Died: 02/11/1950 in Ayot, St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire, England

Citizen: Irish

Language: English

   George Bernard Shaw's father was a grain merchant and mother was a professional singer. Shaw went to private schools but being very independent minded, he was suffocated by the rigid discipline and rigid syllabus of the schools. This animosity towards schools and teachers remained  for lifelong  with Shaw.

   At the age of 16, Shaw worked as a clerk in an estate office. In the spare time, he would visit public libraries and earnestly devote himself to studies and writing novels. In later years, her joined as a member of the Fabian Society. Shaw had soft corner for the working class and exploitation of the workers find reflection in many of his plays.

     Bernard Shaw, when awarded the Nobel Prize, very reluctantly received it at the insistence of his wife for prestige of Ireland as he was against any public honor. He donated the monetary part to finance translation of fellow playwright August Strindberg's works from Swedish to English.

  Shaw was a playwright, novelist and essayist and his writings were full of satire lashed with black humour.

    Landmarks:* Shaw was one of the co-founders of the London School of Economics

Notable Works: The Philanderer(1898), Arms and the Man(1894), The Devil's Disciple (1897) , Caesar and Cleopatra(1898),Man and Superman(1902-03),Major Barbara(1905)Pygmalion(1912-13), Heartbreak House(1919), The Apple Cart(1929)

George Bernard Shaw

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