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Camilo Jose Cela

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-1989

Nobel Committee in its citation stated that the prize was given  "for a rich and intensive prose, which with restrained compassion forms a challenging vision of man's vulnerability "

Born: 11/05/1916 in 1916 Padrón, Galicia, Spain

Died: 17/01/2002  near Madrid, Spain

Citizen: Spanish

Language: Spanish

Influence: Cela's writings particularly the novels obliquely show the influence of Spanish Realism intermingled with his own narrative style, known as tremendismo , which emphasizes on violence and grotesque imagery. He was also influenced by Joyce and Sartre.

Camilo José Cela y Trulock, in short Camilo Jose Cela was a Spanish novelist, short story writer who was involved in Generation,36 movement. Cela was the parental family name and Trulock was the maternal family name. Cela's power of observation was quite sharp and he gave a new lease of life to Spanish literature. The novel, The Hive, is considered his best known work. He also penned two travel books based on his journey to Spanish country side and tour of various Latin American countries.

   In 1957, he was appointed as a member of the Real Academia Española and also became a Royal Senator in the Constituent Cortes. He also exerted some influence in wording of 1978 Spanish Constitution.

     In later years, he became infamous for his scandalous outbursts. He had severely criticized the Cervantes Prize as covered with shit. Ironically, he was awarded the Prize in 1995 and also accepted the same.

    He died of heart disease on 17th January, 2002.

 Landmarks: Served in Franco's Army, offered his services as an informer to Franco's forces and even moved from Madrid to Galicia during the 3 year Civil War to facilitate information dissemination on dissidents.  * His novel,  La Colmena  was first published in Argentina, as Franco's Roman Catholic Church-affiliated government banned it because of the perceived immorality of its content.

Notable Works: La Familia de Pascual Duarte--The Family of Pascual Duarte(1942),  La Colmena - The Hive  (1951), San Camilo 1936 - San Camilo 1936  (1960s), Cristo versus Arizona - Christ versus Arizona(1988),The Galician Trilogy: Mazurca para dos muertos - Mazurka for Two Dead People(1983), La cruz de San Andrés-- St. Andrew's Cross (1994) & Madera de boj-- Boxwood (1999), Viaje a la Alcarría -- Journey to the Alcarria (1948)

Camilo Jose Cela

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