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Czeslaw Milosz

Award: 1978 Neustadt International Prize for Literature ;1980 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Born: 30/06/1911 in Seteniai, a village in Lithuania on the left bank of Zevezis river.

Died: 14/08/2004 in Krakow, 2nd largest city of Poland situated on the bank of Vistula river

Citizen: Originally Polish, but defected  in 1951. settled in USA and became a US Citizen.

Language: Polish, English

Milosz published his first collection of poems in 1934-"Poemat o czasie(Poem of the Frozen Time)" at the same time when he had Law Degree. The Degree was followed by a Fellowship in Paris. Milosoz had a communistic leaning. When the Second World War broke out, Milosz was in Warsaw but did not aggressively participate in political movements. He was later appointed as Cultural attache of Poland Govt. in Paris. Because of his strong anti-government. stand, Polish govt. recalled him. In stead of returning, he defected to US. Between 1961 to 1968, he was Professor, Slavic Language, University of California at Berkley. His works were banned in Poland.

  His works reflect the clash between totalitarianism and free mind. "The Captive Mind" narrates anti-Stalinism in Stalin dominated Soviet Union.

Influences: John Donne, Czeslaw Milosz,  W H Auden, Robert Frost, Derek Walcott, Osip Mandelshtam.

Works: The Captive Mind(1953), Native Realm(1959), Unattainable Earth( ), Trzy Zimy(Three Winters)-1936, Ocalmie (Rescue)-1945, Traktat Poetycki(A Poetical Treatise)-1957, Na brzegu rzeki(Facing the River)-1994

Czeslaw Milosz

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