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Elias Canetti

Award: Prix International, 1949(France) ; 1981 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Born: 25/07/1905 in Ruse, Bulgaria

Died: 14/08/19944 in Zurich, Switzerland

Citizen: Originally Bulgarian, British citizenship in 1952, Stayed in Switzerland during last 20 years of his life and became a Swiss citizen.

Language: German

When Elias was 7 years' old, his father died and mother moved with children to Vienna, Zurich and Frankfurt. At Frankfurt, Elias completed his High School Education. In 1924, he moved to Vienna to study Chemistry and obtained a degree from University of Vienna in 1929. But his interest was in philosophy and literature and he had a distinct leftist leaning. He started writing during this period. In 1938, he moved to England and stayed there till 1970's even though his works were in German.

     He has written lucidly about crowd behavior in mob violences and religious congregations.

Works: Tetralogy of Autobiographical memoirs-- Die Gerettete Zunge(1977)--The Tongue Set Free, Die Fackel in Ohr(1980), --The Torch in my Ear,Das Augenspiel(1985)--The Play of the Eyes, Das Geheimherz de Uhr-Aufzeichnungen(1987)-The Secret Heart of the Clock, Auto-da-Fe, Crowds and Power, The Voices of Marrakesh (published posthumously)

Elias Canetti

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