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Gao Xingjian

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-2000

Nobel Committee in its citation stated that Xingjian got the Prize   " for an oeuvre of universal validity, bitter insights and linguistic ingenuity"

Born: 04/01/1940 in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China

Citizen: China (1940-1998), France ( 1998- )

Language: Chinese

Gao is a novelist, playwright and a noted translator. Besides that, he is an acclaimed painter, screenplay writer and stage director. His works are less known in his native country but are widely read in Europe.

 Gao's father was a clerk in Bank of China and his mother was a member of YMCA. His mother was a stage artist, had passion for theatre and performed in anti-Japanese theatres during second Sino-Japanese War. She encouraged  the young Gao to paint, act and read. During his school years, the young lad studied a lot of western literature translated to Chinese and also mastered various types of painting and sketching. In 1957, he graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. After spending some time as a teacher, he worked for the foreign relationship committee of Chinese Association of Writers in 1977. 1980, he became a screen writer as well as play writer in Beijing People's Art Theatre.

 In 1986, he undertook a 10 month trek along Yangtze after wrongly being diagnosed of lung cancer. During this period, he wrote Soul Mountain, a part memoir which was subsequently translated into English. The book, with its narrative, created a flutter in the literary world and has even been cited by the Nobel Committee.

Gao had shifted to Bagnolet, a city adjacent to Paris, France. The political Fugitives (1989), which makes reference to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, resulted in all his works being banned from performance in China.

Notable Works: Signal Alarm(1982)Busstop(1983), Wild Men,"Savages"(1985),  -- The Other Shore(1986),  -- Shelter the Rain (1991) , Fugitives (1989),-- Dark City (1988)

Gao Xingjian

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