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Harold Pinter (next)

Awards:Wilfred Owen Poetry Prize, 2005;  Nobel Prize in Literature-2005

Born: 10/10/1930 in East London at Borough of Hackney

Died: 24/12/2008 in London

Citizen: British

Language: English

 Pinter was born in a lower class family and was the only child of his parents. His father was a ladies' tailor and mother, a housewife. In school, Pinter was a good sprinter and a cricketer. His school teacher  Joseph Brearley who used to conduct plays for the students had a profound impact on him.

Pinter was primarily a playwright, screen writer, actor and director. But he was also a poet. During his school days, he started acting and writing poems. As a student, he joined Royal Academy of Dramatic Art but could not complete the course. He also worked in reportory theatre of Ireland and England for some time. Production of the play The Room in 1957 was the starting of his career as a playwright. It was followed by his second play, The Birthday Party, which was favorably reviewed. He also acted in a number of his own as well as other plays.

    Pinter's blunt political statements invited wrath, ridicule and severe criticism from many quarters. He was very critical of US involvement in Iraq and called it a naked aggression watched silently by the Great Britain. He was also a patron of Palestine Festival of Literature.

 Pinter was detected of esophageal cancer in December, 2001 and had to undergo chemotherapy. Even, he could not personally attend the Nobel ceremony due to illness. He ultimately died of liver cancer in 24th December, 2008.

 Pinter's funeral was a quiet, private affair  at the graveside at Kensal Green Cemetery, 31 December 2008. The eight readings selected in advance by Pinter included passages from seven of his own writings and from the story "The Dead", by James Joyce, which was read by actress Penelope Wilton. At its end, Pinter's widow, Antonia Fraser, stepped forward to his grave and quoted from Horatio's speech after the death of Hamlet: "Goodnight, sweet prince, / And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

Notable Plays: The Birthday Party(1957) ; The Dumb Waiter(1957),The Caretaker(1959); A Night Out(1959); The Home Coming(1964) ; Silence(1968); Old Times(1970); Betrayl(1978); Moonlight(1993);Celebration(1999); Remembrance of Things Past(2000);

Harold Pinter

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