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Heinrich Theodor Boll

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-1972 , Georg Buchner Prize-1967 . First German-born author to receive the Nobel after Nelly Sachs in 1966.

Nobel Committee in its citation stated that the prize was given for "his writing which through its combination of a broad perspective on his time and a sensitive skill in characterization has contributed to a renewal of German Literature."

Born: 21/12/1917 in Cologne, Germany

Died:  16/07/1985 near Bonn, Germany

Citizen: German ( then Federal Republic of Germany, now Germany)

Language: German

Heinrich Boll was one of the most prolific Post Second World War writers and novelists who faithfully and artistically portrayed the German miseries and agony before, during and after the war. He was opposed to Nazism and refused to join Hitler Youth during the 1930s. He was conscripted to the army, served in France,Romania,Hungray and Soviet Union and captured by Americans in April, 1945 and was sent to Prisoner-of-War camp.

  His first novel, The Train was on Time, was published when he was 30. followed by  Where had you been Adam. The second novel depicts the wartime unnatural emotions of the soldiers. He was scarred for life when his home town Cologne was taken over by Nazis and was subsequently devastated due to Allied Bombing. The effect of war and its aftermath on common people was the subject matter of many of his works.

   He was the President of West German P.E.N and subsequently International P.E.N. Boll was critical of dark side of Capitalism and his books sold well in Eastern Europe & Soviet Union. However, when Alexander Solzhenitsyn was expelled from Soviet Union, he first sought refuge in Boll's Eifel cottage.

   Boll died at the age of 67.

Notable Works: Der Zug war puenktlich -- The Train was on Time(1949/1956),Und Sagte Kein einziges wort-- Acquainted with the Night(1953/1954), Wo waerst du Adam-- Where had you been Adam(1955/), Das Brot der fruehen Jahre-- The Bread of Our Early Years(1956/1957), Billard um halb zehn-- Billards at Half-past Nine (1959/1961) , Ansichten eines Clowns-- The Clown (1963/1965), Ende Einer Dienstfahrt-- End of a Mission  (1966/1968)

Heinrich Boll

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