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Hermann Hesse

Awards: Goethe Prize-1946 ;Nobel Prize in Literature-1946,

Born: 02/07/1877 in Calw, South of Germany and 33km from Stuttgart.

Died: 09/08/1962 in Montagnola, Switzerland, a small Swiss village near the Swiss Italy border.

Citizen: German. In 1923, he became a Swiss Citizen.

Language: German

   Hermann Hesse was a German-Swiss poet, novelist and painter and his works reflect spiritual aspiration of man and his longing for a new order transcending national boundaries and sectarian chaos.

      Hesse was an independent minded and head-strong child. He was also adventurous in nature exploring the neighborhood, the river , the bridge and keenly observing people around him. His grandfather had a good library and he encouraged the young boy to access the books in his spare time. His mother had interest in music and both the music and the poetry were important for the family. Hesse thus had a practical grooming in reading, music and poetry.

  When First World War broke out, Hesse enrolled himself as a volunteer in Imperial Army. After the end of war, he returned to civilian life in 1919 and ultimately settled in Montagnola. The new ambience brought new wave of creativity within him and he describes 1920-24 as most prolific and most passionate period of his life. His novel Siddartha was written at this time.

  The last and the longest novel written by Hermann Hesse was Das Glasperlenspiel (1943/49). He also published his poetry in two book collections, Trost der Nacht(1929) & Neue Gedichte(1937).

Influence: Goethe, Nietzsche   

    Landmarks:* In 1904, Hesse married Maria Bernoulli of the famous family of Mathematicians.

Notable Works: Beneath the Wheel(1906), Demian(1919), Klingsors letzter Sommer -- Klingsor's Last Summer(1920), Siddhartha (1922) ,Die Morgenlandfahrt  --Journey to the East(1932), Das Glasperlenspiel -- The Glass Bead Game(1943),

Hermann Hesse

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