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Herta Muller

Awards: Kleist Prize(1994) ; the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award(1998) ; Nobel Prize in Literature-2009

Born: 17/08/1953 in Nitchidorf, Timis county which is in South Western part of Romania.

Citizen: Romanian born German writer

Language: German

Muller belonged to the German speaking minority in Romania. Her father was a truck driver and struggled hard to earn his livelihood. Muller after her schooling studied German Language & Romanian literature in Timisoara University & then worked as a translator in an engineering factory. She was eased out from her job after she refused to cooperate with the Communist Regime's secret police and took up the job of a private tutor to support herself.

   In 1987, she along with her husband Richard Wagner migrated to West Germany and stayed in West Berlin.

Muller's first book was Nadirs which was published in Romania in a censored version. But her international fame came with publication of Hunger Angel in 2009. State persecution, plight of the German minorities in Romania when Nicolae Ceausescu's government was there.

 To many, Herta was a surprise choice for the Nobel Prize. When she appeared for the first news conference after she won the Prize, she looked nervous and a bit like a kid who felt out of place on her first day of high school. With overzealous cameramen and reporters thronging the room, she seemed like someone who wanted to hide somewhere. Her first reaction was--" I can’t even talk about it. Somehow it’s too early. I think I need time to put it all in order" .On being asked to react,  last German winner of the Nobel for literature, Günter Grass, who declared himself, “very satisfied,” with Ms. Müller’s win, but also added that, like many, his personal favorite this year was the Israeli author Amos Oz.

Notable Works: Herztier-The Land of Green Plums(1994) ; Heute war ich Mir lieber nicht begegnet-The Appointment(1997),Atemschaukel-The Hunger Angel(2009); Niederungen-Nadirs(1982) ;In der Falle-In a Trap(1996) ; Druckender Tango-Oppressive Tango(1987);

Herta Muller

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