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Jaroslav Seifert

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-1984

Nobel Committee in its citation stated that the prize was given for "his poetry, which endowed with freshness, sensuality and rich inventiveness provides a liberating image of the indomitable spirit and versatility of man. "

Born: 23/09/1901 in Prague, Czech

Died:  10/01/1986 in Prague, Czech

Citizen: Czech

Language: Czech

Seifert was both a writer and journalist whose bread and butter came from journalism and inspiration and passion came from writing. His first book, A City in Tears, was published in 1920. He was a communist in the beginning but two trips to Soviet Union disillusioned him. He raised his voice against the dictatorship of Stalin and was expelled from Czechoslovakia in 1929. He landed in Paris and during his stay was influenced by avant-garde French poets like Andre Breton and Pollinaire. He also earned his reputation as an avant-garde poet. During Czech political crisis of 1968, he organized a major protest declaration against the Communists known as Charter 77. When Seifert received the news of Nobel Prize, he was lying in hospital bed and reacted by saying---

Death will soon kick open the door and enter

With startled terror, at that minute

I'll catch my breath

And forget to breathe again.

    His verses were simple but full of imagery that were beautiful & comical and conveyed deep human values.


 Notable Works:                                                -- A City in Tears(/1920),Ruce Venusing -- Venus Hands (1936),Maminka- Mother (1954) , -- Concert at the Island(/1968),-- Mozart in Prague(1970), -- Umbrella from Piccadilly(/1978),-- All Beauty of the World(/1978),

Jaroslav Seifert

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