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John Galsworthy

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-1932

Nobel Committee in its citation stated that the prize was given for "his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in 'The Forsyte Saga' "

Born: 14/08/1867 in Kingston Hill, Surrey, England

Died:  31/01/1933 in Grove Lodge, Hampstead, England of brain tumor.

Citizen: England

Language: English

  Galsworthy was a Novelist and playwright of distinction. His works mostly depict the social and psychological strife of upper middle class in particular. Their insular, snobbish and acquisitive attitude and suffocating moral codes are highlighted through various characters. He is famous for the trilogy of The Forsyte Saga where he challenged the moral code of Victorian England. The Man of Property was the first of the trilogy. Like Bernard Shaw, his plays addressed the class system.

  He was born in a reputed and affluent family. His father was a solicitor. Galsworthy studied in Harrow & New College, Oxford and joined bar in 1890. He was not keen to practice law and wanted to look after the shipping business of the family  Though he wanted to be a lawyer specializing in Marine Law, fate had other things for him. He was gradually drawn to writing. His first book, From the Four Winds(1897) was a collection of short stories. Then Jocelyn followed. But his fame was due to Forsyte Saga.


    Notable Works:     From the Four Winds (1897),Forsyte Saga Series--Indian Summer of a Forsyte (1910), Chancery (1920) ,Awakening(1920), To Let(1921), The White Monkey (1924), The Silver Spoon (1926), Swan Song (1928), The Dark Flower (1913), The Skin Game (1920)

John Galsworthy

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