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Juan Ramon Jimenez

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-1956

Nobel Committee in its citation stated that the prize was given for "for his lyrical poetry, which in Spanish language constitutes an example of high spirit and artistical purity. "

Born: 24/12/1881 in Moguer, Spain

Died: 29/05/1958  in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Citizen: Spanish

Language: Spanish

    Jimenez studied Law at the University of Seville but never even aspired to become a lawyer. He went to Madrid in 1900 at the invitation of Ruben Dario who was a poet. His first 2 books were published in the same year when he was 19. His father died also in the same year which left the sensitive Jimenez shattered. He suffered several bouts of depression and was sent to Paris for treatment. There, he had a fling with his doctor's wife after which he was sent to a sanatorium in Madrid where again he had a string of affairs with the nurses. At this period, he wrote several erotic poems. The Mother Superior of the Sanatorium discovered the objectionable activity of Jiminez and expelled him. Jimenez, many times , described music and color in his poems which he compared to love or lust.

  When  the Spanish Civil War broke out,, he and wife Zenobia went into exile in Cuba, the United States, and Puerto Rico, where he settled in 1946. Jiménez was hospitalized for eight months due to another deep depression. He later became a Professor of Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Maryland, College Park

  Jimenez was primarily a poet and his poetic outpouring was stupendous. Ironically, it was his prose piece, Platero y yo published in 1947 which made him immensely popular throughout Latin America. The work was translated to English and he got noticed in the English speaking countries including USA.

Landmark:    Two days after receiving the Nobel Prize, his wife died of ovarian cancer. Jimenez never got over the loss and died two years later, in the same clinic where his wife had died. Both are buried in the home town of Monguer, Spain. * The name of Jimenez is familiar to the students of University of Maryland, the language building of which is named after the poet.

Notable Works: Platero y yo--Platero and I(1917), Sonetos espirituales (1914–1916) -1916; “Spiritual Sonnets, 1914–15, Piedra y cielo-Stones and Sky(1919), Voces de mi copla- Voices of my Song(1945),Animal de fondo-- Animal at Bottom(1947)

Juan Ramon Jimenez

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