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Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio

Awards: Prix Renaudot Award -1963 for his novel Desert ,Nobel Prize in Literature-2008 . He was the First French Language writer to receive the Prize in literature since Claude Simon in 1985 and 14th since Sully Prudhomme got the first prize in 1901.

Born: 13/04/1940 in Nice, the 5th most populous city of France

Citizen: French, Mauritian

Language: French

JMG Le Clezio called himself French-Mauritian because his father, though an ethnic French man, was born in Mauritius when the country was a French colony and Le Clezio developed a deep feeling for Mauritius and called it "my little fatherland" even though he himself never spent more than a few months' time in Mauritius. He was born when his father was serving the French Army in Nigeria.

 Le Clezio studied in University of Bristol,England & Nice's Institutd'etudes litteraires and got his Master's Degree in 1964 from University of Provence, Marseille, France. After serving for sometime in England, he moved to US to wotk as a teacher. In 1967, he served in French Military in Thailand but was expelled from Thailand after he raised his voice against child prostitution in Thailand. Then he moved to Mexico to serve his residual obligation there.

 At the age of 23, Le Clezio published his first novel "The Interrogation" which made him famous. His literary career can be broadly divided into two phases- first phase where the theme was torment, expression and language and in the second phase, the theme was childhood & adolescence, traveling. In 1994, a survey by Literary magazine Lire showed that 13% of the readers considered Le Clezio as the Greatest living French Writer. He had worked successfully in novels, short stories, translations.

Notable Works: Le Proces-Verbal-The Interrogation() ; Desert-Desert(),Le Deluge-The Flood(); La Guerre-War() ;Onitsha-Onitsha() ; Etoile errante-Wandering Star: A Novel();La Fievre-Fever(); Mondo et autres-Mondo and Other Stories();

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio

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