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Luigi Pirandello

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-1934

Nobel Committee in its citation stated that the prize was given for "his bold and ingenious revival of dramatic and scenic art."

Born: 28/06/1867 in Agrigento, Sicily

Died:  10/12/1936 in Rome, Italy

Citizen: Italy

Language: Italian, Sicilian

  Pirandello was born in an affluent family i Agrigento, a town in Southern Italy. His father had business in Sulphur mining and trading. From early age, Pirandello was fascinated by fables and magic and at the age of twelve, had his first play written. In 1880, the family moved to Palermo where he had his schooling. The young man was a voracious reader and particularly liked to read 19th Century Italian poets. He also used to visit the sulphur mines and his experience there was reflected in his works, The Old and the Young. In 1887, he moved to Rome. Rome provided him opportunity to visit several theatres and have a look at the plays unfolding with excitement.

   In 1893, he produced his first important work, Marta Ajala, which was published in 1901. 1903 was a crucial year for Pirandello. The sulphur mines in which his father had invested very heavily got flooded and the loss was massive. His mother was so shocked by the disaster that she became a mental wreck and never recovered. Pirandello wanted to commit suicide but diverted his mind by concentrating on learning German language and refining his Italian language expertise.

   1920 was the year when Pirandello produced a series of comedies. In 1921, Six Characters in Search of an Author was staged and it was a failure. The public split up into supporters and adversaries, the latter of whom shouted, "Asylum, Asylum!" The author, who was present at the representation with his daughter Lietta, was forced to almost literally run out of the theatre through a side exit in order to avoid the crowd of enemies. The play was however a success in Milan. Then in 1922, Enrico IV was staged and it was a great success and Pirandello's fame spread beyond Italy.

Pirandello was nominated Academic of Italy in 1929 .

    Notable Works:     L'esclusa                                         -- The Outcast(1893),I vecchi e i giovani --The Old and the Young (1906-1908), Si gira!- Shoot (1915) ,Il fu Mattia Pascal -- The Late Mattia Pascal(1904), L'Uomo, La Bestia e La Virtý -- The Man,The Beast and The Virtue(1919), Il Gioco delle Parti -- The Rules of the Game (1919), Sei Personaggi in Cerca d'Autore - Six Characters in Search of an Author (1921), Enrico IV- Henry IV (1922)

Luigi Pirandello

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