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Mario Vargas Llosa

Awards:Nobel Prize in Literature-2010 ; Order of the Aztec Eagle - 2011

Born: 28/03/1936 in Arequipa which is on the Southern part of Peru and is known as the Legal Capital of Peru and also known as White City.

Citizen: Spain (Nationality-Peruvian)

Language: Spanish

 Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa, in short Mario Vergas Llosa was born in a middle class family and was the only child of his parents. The parents had separated shortly before his birth and his father remarried soon. Llosa and his mother moved to his maternal grand father's house. Then they moved to Bolivia where his grand father had some business and his childhood was spent there. He was given the impression that his father had died. Things changed when in 1946, he came to Lima, capital of Peru, at the age of 10 to meet his father and moved with him. He was not very comfortable with his father as the later was very autocratic and young Llosa was very independent minded. He was first admitted to a military academy so that he could be disciplined. In stead, the young man quit the academy and at the age of 16, was working as an amateur journalist for a local newspaper.

    In1958, he completed his graduation from University of San Marcos in Law and Literature and then enrolled in Computense University of Madrid, Spain  on a scholarship. In 1960, he moved to Paris for further studies on an expected scholarship but unfortunately the scholarship did not materialize but he stayed back in Paris and started writing prolifically. Some of his best works were produced in the sixties.

  Llosa was a multifaceted talent who tried his luck both as a writer, a journalist and also as a politician. He unsuccessfully contested the 1990 Peruvian President election and lost to Alberto Fujimori. In 1977, he was elected to Peruvian Academy of Languages.

  Llosa's novels had varied themes, starting from murder mysteries to historical & political plots or straight social narratives. He rose to prominence with his novel The Time of the Hero. His second novel The Green House  brought him international acclaim and he was ranked along with other Latin American giants such as Marquez and Juan Carlos Onetti. Some critics comment that The Green House is one of the greatest novels to have emerged from Latin America. His third novel Conversation in the Cathedral is seen as a plot which hinges on fate and hopelessness.

  On political front, Llosa was a great supporter of the Government of Fidel Castro initially but later was disillusioned with him because of dictatorial nature of the regime.

Notable Works: Los Jefes-The Cubs and Other Stories(1959/1979) ; La ciudad y los perros-The Time of the Hero(1963/1966),La casa verde-The Green House(1966/1968); Conversacion en-la catedral-Conversation in the Cathedral(1969/1975) ;La tia Julia y el escribidor-Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter(1977/1982) ; La guerra del fix del munda-The War of the End of the World(1981/1984); Travesuras de la nina mala-The Bad Girl(2006/2007);

Mario Vargas Llosa

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