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Nadine Gordimer

Awards: Booker Prize,1974 and Nobel Prize in Literature in 1991

"The facts are always less than what really happened" --Nadin Gordimer

Born: 20/11/1923 in Springs, Transval, near the mining town of Johannesburg, Union of South Africa.

Language: English

Studied: in a catholic convent school but largely remained at home and studied, attended University of the Witwatersrand for a year and then moved to Johannesburg in 1948 without completing a degree and has since stayed there.

Major Influence:

Milestones: Gordimer's literary works closely follow her real life involvement in Anti-Apartheid movement and fighting the cause of the poor and exploited Blacks in South Africa. Racial and economic discrimination and social and state injustice form the undercurrent of her writings. She became a political activist and had joined African National Congress when it was still categorized as an illegal organization by the the then South African government. She is a founding member of Congress of South African Writers.

Marriage: married to Gerald Gavron, a dentist in the year 1949. The marriage lasted barely 3 years after which she married a reputed Art Dealer Reinhold Cassirer and the couple were together till Cassirer's death in 2001.

Jobs: was a writer and an activist. Gordimer's short story, A watcher of the Dead, which was published in New York in 1949 brought her larger readership and international fame. Following this, she had a long association with the paper and many stories were published.

Major Works: Face to Face(1949), collection of early stories- A World of Strangers, the book was banned for 12 years--Burger's Daughter, banned for 1 month --July's People(1981), also banned for anti-apartheid tone--The Conservationist, densest & most poetical of Gordimer's works; the novel fetched her 1974 Booker Prize-- The Lying Days, a semi-autobiographical novel.

Nadine Gordimer

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