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Orhan Pamuk

Peter Orhan Pamuk was born in the historic city of Istanbul, Turkey on 7th June,1952. He grew up in a large family, studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University but soon abandoned the course after three years as the subject no more held attraction to him. Instead, he pursued and graduated in Journalism from Istanbul University but never worked as a journalist. Art and literature was his cup of tea and at the age of 23, he decided to become a full fledged writer.

    In 1985, he migrated to USA and now stays there.Pamuk was awarded the coveted Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006.Pamuk's works include-

*Istanbul - an autobiographical sketch of Pamuk's desire and ambition to become an artist and his journey from childhood to the age of 22.

*The Black Book -  in Story of a lawyer seeking his missing wife  where the magical city of Istanbul, Pamuk's birth place comes alive with its buildings and streets.

*Snow - published in 2002 and described by Pamuk himself as his first and last political novel.

*My Name is Red - As per BostonHouse, the novel is a shivery roundabout, marvelous misdirection, and entrancing side trip, all leading to searching questions about his country’s awkward straddle between East and West. It took a while for Pamuk to become himself, though.

Orhan Pamuk

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