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Par Fabian Lagerkvist

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature-1951

Nobel Committee in its citation stated that the prize was given for "for the artistic vigor and true independence of mind with which he endeavors in his poetry to find answers to the eternal questions confronting mankind. "

Born: 23/05/1891 in Vaexjoe, Sweden

Died: 11/07/1974  in Stockholm, Sweden

Citizen: Swedish

Language: Swedish

   Par Fabian Lagerkvist was a poet, novelist, dramatist who was a dominant literary figure of Sweden during the first half of Twentieth Century. His father was a station master and the family was a god-fearing, religious family. Religious books such as Bible and other religious books formed the core of book collection. Though Lagerkvist broke away from traditional Christian beliefs, he was not overtly critical or rebellious of religious doctrines.

    His poem Anguish(1916) is a cry of disillusionment against death, war and cruelty of life. The tone gradually turned to optimism and faith in the capability of man in his later works.

   Barabbas(1953), when published, was immediately acknowledged as a masterpiece and is by far the best work of Lagerkvist. The novel was filmed in 1962.

Notable Works: Motiv-Themes(1914), Jaern Och maenniskor- Iron & Men(1915), Angest--Anguish(1916), Det eviga leendet--The Eternal Smile(1920/1934), Den lychliges veg--The Road of the Happy Man (1921) ,Gaest hos Verkligheten--Guest of Reality (1925/1936),Det besegrade livet--The Triumph over Life(1927),Boedeln--The Hangman(1933/1936),Dvaergen--The Dwarf(1944/1945),Barabbas--Barabbas(1950/1951), Sibyllan--The Sibyl(1956), Aftonland--Evening Land(1953)

Par Fabian Lagerkvist

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