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Romain Rolland

Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature in 1915

Born: 29/01/1866 in Clamecy,Nivre,Central France

Died: 30/12/1944 in Vezelay, a Hill town in North-Central France

Language: French

Nationality: French

First studied Philosophy but stifled by the Orthodoxy, switched to History and secured a Degree in 1889.

Milestones: First book published in 1902; was a life long pacifist and was influenced by Gandhi,Tagore, Vivekananda and Vedanta philosophy. In 1935, went on a voyage to Moscow at the invitation of Maxim Gorky. He returned home in 1937. During the Second World War, when France was under German occupation, Romain Rolland was in complete isolation and voluntarily cut himself off from the outside world.

Major Influence: The two years, Romain Rolland spent in Rome, he came in  contact with and was influenced by Nietzsche,Wagner.

Major Works:

1898 Les Loups
(The Wolves)
1907 Vie de Michel-Ange
(Life of Michelangelo)
1920 Clérambault
1920 Pierre et Luce
1922-1933 L'Âme enchantée
(The Enchanted Soul)
1939 Robespierre

Romain Rolland

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