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Samuel Beckett

Awards: Croix de Guerra, 1945 which is a French Military decoration; Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969

Born: 13/04/1906 which was a Good Friday in Foxrock, Dublin, Ireland

Died: 22/12/1989 in Paris, France

Language: English

Nationality: Irish

Samuel Beckett was an Irish playwright, novelist, poet who during  most part of his creative career stayed in Paris and wrote under penname Andrew Belis. His father was a surveyor and mother a nurse. Samuel was a natural athlete and excelled in cricket-he was a left-handed batsman and a medium-pace bowler and represented Dublin University.

 After schooling, Beckett joined Trinity College, Dublin and studied English, French & Italian and graduated in 1927 after studying from 1923-1927. After completion of study, he was in a teaching assignment at Campbell College, Belfast followed by Lectureship in Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris. In 1930, he returned to Trinity College as lecturer only to resign one year later in 1931.He wrote his first novel in 1932 which met with lukewarm response.Murphy was published in 1938 and Beckett translated it into French.

  Beckett wrote plays,novels, short stories,poems and introduced experimental writing in literature. His most famous work was "Waiting for the Godot". Beckett wrote both in English & French.

Major Influence: James Joyce, Carl Jung

Major Works: Murphy(1938), Molloy(1951),The Unnamable(1953), Waiting for Godot(1953), Watt(1953), Endgame(1957), Whoroscope(1930), Selected Poems 1930 - 1989 (2009)

Samuel Beckett

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