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Saul Bellow

Awards: Pulitzer Prize for Fiction,1976 and Nobel Prize in Literature in 1976

Born: 10/06/1915 in Lachin, Qubec, Canada.

Died: 05/04/2005 at Brookline, USA

Language: English

Saul Bellow was a Jew and his parents had emigrated from St. Petersburg, Russia two year prior to his birth, His mother was deeply religious but the young man found the orthodox upbringing very suffocating. The family moved to Humboldt's Park in the neighborhood of  Chicago when Saul was nine years old. The place provided the fodder for many of his works. Saul Bellow lost his mother when he was only 17.

  After finishing school, Saul Bellow wanted to study literature but the ambience was anti-Jewish and hence he switched to Anthropology and Sociology. From early ages, Bellow wanted to become a writer after reading Uncle Tom's Cabin by Stowe and William Shakespeare. Depicicting his passion for reading, his close friend John Podhoretz said " Bellow inhaled books and ideas the way rest of us breathe air." Bellow joined the war as a merchant marine when Second World War broke out. He started his novel Dangling Man during this period which describes the journey and emotions of a young man about to be drafted to war.

  Bellow taught well past his old age in  Princeton University, Yale University, University of Chicago and immensely enjoyed teaching.

Major Influence: Great Russian Novelists.

Major Works: Dangling Man(1944), The Victim(1947),The Adventure of Augie March(1953), Seize the Day(1956), Herzog(1964), Humboldt's Gift(1975), A Theft(1989), Ravelstein(2000), Collected Stories(2001). Humboldt's Gift brough Saul Bellow the coveted Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and also had a seminal role in fetching the Nobel. The book, Adventure of Augie March got him National Book Award. Bellow had a huge influence on the younger generation of writers.

Saul Bellow

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