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Tomas Transtromer

Awards: Neustadt International Prize for Literature -1990 ;  Nobel Prize in Literature-2011

Born: 15/04/1931 in Stockholm, Sweden

Citizen: Sweden

Language: Swedish

Transtromer is a poet of extraordinary sensitivity who explores life, death, nature and human behaviour with powerful narratives and unique visual imagery. His poems have been translated to more than 70 languages and he has been a dominant figure in Scandinavian literary landscape.

     Transtromer was brought up by her mother who was a school teacher since the parents had separated soon after his birth. He did his schooling in Stockholm and joined University of Stockholm to complete his graduation in Psychology. He graduated in 1956 and did history, literature besides Psychology.

   He started writing right from his school days. His first book 17 Poems was published in 1954 followed by other poems. There has been general perception that his poems do not touch upon the social issues of his time. Rather, the mystic aspect underlying our daily lives and the surreal aspect of human existence are portrayed more than the contemporary themes. Transtromer's poems are simple and retain their comprehensibility and lyrical grace even in translation. It is particularly noteworthy to mention the name of English poet Robert Bly and Syrian poet Adunis who played a major role in popularizing his poems to the English speaking world and Arab World respectively.

  Transtromer was a social activist who voiced his sorrow and resentment through poetry. In the aftermath of Bhopal Gas Tragedy in in India 1984, he flew to Bhopal and participated in a poetry reading session along with poet K. Satchidanandan.

  In 1990, he was  struck by partial paralysis and could not speak and was confined to home. But he continued to write.

Notable Works: 17 dikter-17 Poems(1954) ; Den halufardiga himlen-The Half-Finished Heaven(1958),Klanger och spar-Bells & Tracks(1966); Ostersjoar-Baltic(1974) ;For levande och doda-For the Living and the Dead(1989) ; Sorgegandolen-The Sorrow Gondola(1996);Den Stora gatan-The Great Engima(2004); Minnena Ser mig-Memories Look at Me(1993);

Tomas Transtromer

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